Saturday, December 15, 2012

Everyone needs to feel Special and that's what Guangxi Girls is all about :-)

This was a Special Day
inspired by a very sad day!

A girl who felt so alone........

It was our job to do something about that..and to try and make a difference!

Life is so short!
Sometimes it is over before we get that chance to make a difference..............

A Team jumped into gear when we heard that a Birthday was coming  and this precious one wanted her new friends to come celebrate with her.

Before knew it, Our Guangxi Girls staff had arranged to visit, donors had given so that we might cover this, buy gifts and help her to celebrate.........
When the team arrived in Desheng to meet her, she was waiting along with her uncle and children from her village. 
She was so excited about it that she had not slept for nights........

She had drawn some pictures to share her love and thanks with us.

When we knew the visit would take place, 
I asked Lucy to call her and ask what she would really, really like?
                             She wondered if it was possible to get a great Big teddy Beat to hug?

                                                 Well, of course it was possible :-)

So Matthew  travelled all the way from Nanning with this huge big Teddy Bear
 to wish her happy Birthday from all of us!

My class at Buckhaven High School wanted to send some joy, 
so they donated for a Birthday cake & sent a Birthday card

                         She went shopping to buy a new warm winter jacket in downtown Desheng

and we were also able to get her a much longed for bike 
to be able to cycle to school like her other friends.....

And so here she was with messages from around the world in

Scotland, Spain, Finland, USA- 

.......all friends wishing her a Happy Birthday
reminding her that she is Special :-)

( More gifts on the way from families.......some didn't arrive in time for this visit! Thanks all who sent!)

It was precious to hear so many sing happy Birthday to her in Chinese and English

                            and poignant as she bowed her head in silence to make a wish......................................

The Silence was soon broken by a huge load of silliness- instigated by our very own & crazy Lucy!"

                                             Guess where that cake is going to end up?

Precious Picture!

We had intended to take her out for dinner, 
but her uncle insisted that they all came to his home, where a chicken was cooked in their honour!

Pile in!!!!!

                                                               Welcome to our Home
                                                              Preparations for dinner.........

                                              Rice and a chicken cooked in honour of the visitors!

                                                 A Hurl with her "adopted" BaBa

A Hug with her Special Teddy from friends around the world

                          And a wonderful Picture to remind her just how beautiful and precious she is!

Guangxi Girls exists to help girls 
who otherwise would struggle, 
to go to and remain at school and in further education.
But in partnership with our Fantastic Staff in China
and our wonderful Hope4China Friends and Sponsors
We can do so much more!!!!!!!

If anyone would like to help us support a girl at school, 

                                                         Happy Birthday to our Guangxi Girl!!!!!
                                                                     Love from Hope4China!

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