Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dynamic Dazzling Desheng Day

is really the word I would have to use to describe the sunshine and setting 
for last year's October visit to meet the Desheng girls at school. 

The girls are all part of our Guangxi Girls Education Programme living in the area around Desheng, coming from homes where there is just no income to pay for the girls tuition fees and food support. However they are more like friends now, having visited them each year now since 2006 and shared photos , letters & gifts from sponsors throughout these years. They really are a special bunch and it is a great privilege to be able to share these connections with them each year!

As our van drew in, the lunch hour had just begun and the students who stayed close enough were going home for lunch.

The boys were very interested to see Ossi and full of noise, laughter & questions! 
It was unusual to be taking photos of the boys as our visits always centre around the girls

       The girls enjoyed a more peaceful moment in one of the most beautiful ( and hot!)spots I have ever seen

Desheng Middle School is situated in the middle of the karst mountains common to this area and surrounded by the most amazing scenery........
 This is where most of the Desheng children will come to school after Primary School, tho some move on to             Yizhou Middle School- around 30 mins away in Yizhou City.
                                There was some chaos in the noon heat, as our girls tried to say hello,
                                 surrounded by all their friends who had just come out for lunch

                               But eventually we managed to gather everyone together upstairs
It has often been frenetic when we have met with our friends here......
but they have all grown up a bit now, and we needed to move our relationship on...... 
                                   This time we wanted them to tell us more about themselves.....

 So each girl designed a card with their name  and pictures symbols which expressed something about them
                     They were beautiful, expressing Love, Hope and Dreams for the future

It was lovely to be able to go round and chat to the girls while they were working.

While the girls were working, two special girls were gazing out of the window........

..and as we went over to see how they were doing, suddenly realised what they were looking at.......

Desheng Middle School looks out into the grounds of Desheng SWI, 
the back windows of the baby room....

Poignant moment.....
food for thought......
which those of you who "know" will understand........

For Desheng Friends...this is the moment that inspired our Calendar for this year :-)

 As the girls continued to look out of the windows, we began to take photos, taking time to appreciate the beautiful, amazing, dazzling views!!!!!!

                                              But we still had so much more to do inside.........
While the girls were working on their name cards we had asked them to think of questions they would like to ask, things they would like to share with us. 

                                  They popped these thoughts on paper and into our "Magic Hat"

 The girls took turns to pull a question out of the hat, read it out, and we all took turns to answer and share our thoughts with the girls. 
Great fun!!!!!

It was a special time and wonderful to hear the Hopes and Dreams our Desheng Girls have for the future.

( Some plans being hatched here???)

               It was haunting to hear "Lady A" singing beautiful Scottish/Gaelic tunes in that amazing place!!!!
                                                        Once she had worked out the words :-)

The girls LOVED it :-)

By now we were all hungry
Lunch was made by one of our girl's Foster father, who works in the school canteen!!!!!

                                         And then, as always, far too was time to go again
                                               and take all the goodbye photos with "friends"

But not before, some of the girls managed to sneak me into the dorms opposite 
( where everyone was supposed to be taking a nap:-)
so that I could take some pics of the SWI over the wall!!!!!!!

           Students who stay in school share a dorm..usually around 6-8 to a dorm with a shared shower room
                                                  This lovely girl was happy to show us her room!
There is a lot of pressure for the students at this school, and many of our girls struggle to mange to pay all the fees necessary to stay here. 
We are so thankful to the many wonderful sponsors who continue to make this possible for them.
But what an amazing view to waken up to each day?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visiting Hope4China Projects

Andrew Gaule who was on business in Shanghai took the opportunity to spend a few days visiting Hope4China projects and met some of his family's sponsored Guangxi girls who are in High School.

The girls were briefed by Matthew before they have to go off and get some small presents for Andrew's daughters. 

'Given some money to go and get presents for themselves one of the girls asked if it would be okay to keep the money to buy food at school as she did not have enough money. It brought a tear to my eyes.' Andrew

Sharing stories and ice creams while trying to teach Andrew Chinese in Nanning Park.

Exploring Nanning Park.

One of the girls much happier behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Andrew visits the Da Mo village in southern Guangxi near the Vietnam border.

The last few miles were on rural and dirt roads. Fortunately it it was not raining.

The girls from Da Mo come out to meet us on the road and in their traditional costumes.

Back to school and lessons for Matthew and Andrew to see the lesson. 
Da Mo does not have a professional fully qualified teacher. The teacher there is Mr Li who is originally from Da Mo. He is partly qualified, and stays because it is so important to him, and it is so difficult to get a fully qualified teacher to come to this remote area with very low pay.

Six new girls who are looking for sponsor support to help with going to school.

Treats and lunch in the village.

Andrew Gaule

It has been wonderful to have one of our sponsors able to visit our projects, see first hand where the money goes, and what a difference it makes! I have just loved seeing the photos :-)
We are very thankful for Andrew's input and ideas for our work!
Anyone else want to come visit?
Just let us know?