Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Special Circle of Giving....

Our Circle of Giving expands......

Helen began our New Hope Programme in 2009 and since then we have worked with many families in the community who have struggled to get the help they need for their special children, along with many foster families supporting children with various needs.
We have helped to provide support, physical, emotional and spiritual for families and children.
We have paid for therapy, equipment, wheelchairs, medicine, nappies, etc.
We have bought warm clothes, helped with living costs, learning materials.......
                                                            ...but today, our circle expanded!

Helen has now moved from Nanning, although she keeps in touch with us and the families via phone, letting us know of needs and improvements.
Matthew and Lucy now visit the families to help.

Today, they were joined by two of our Guangxi Girls. 
They are from  remote villages in Rongshui, and are now studying at college in Nanning. 
They have taken time out from their holiday, to visit Angel House with Lucy and Matthew to see how they can help?

        They were inspired to see the hard work and effort that this mama puts into helping her daughter,
                  where small successes, like just being able to sit up for a while, are cause for celebration!
                                            This is a massive improvement for our Xin!!!!!!!!
When we last saw her, she was very limp and unresponsive. Mum refused to admit defeat, and is determined to do all she can to give her daughter the best life she can.
                     And our Guangxi Girls are inspired to help.....and here is what they had to say.....

"I went to Angel House, it was a really personal experience. Life is so fragile, but it can also be like a rock, very strong. After contact with the children there and feeling their hearts longing to be loved and to be understood.  They used their own way to express emotions with great effort and worry.
They can perhaps look forward to someone in their hearts and communicate with them?
Their smiles touched me.  I do not know how they want to accept treatment, will not be very painful?

Today I saw  Xin, accompanied by her mother quietly doing sit-ups. I do not know what it must feel like? I do not know if she will feel tired or bored, but she has been quietly doing this, grabbing her mother's hand, sitting up quickly, as if trying to say, I will not give up!!!!!!!!!
 I think now we often complain because of the moment of hardship, the troubles that worry us.  But few will think, laugh and then think of ways to actively solve them in an orderly manner. Sometimes the solution is unpredictable but always with a bit of patience and perseverance, we will encounter opportunities in life!"

"Today I had a good time and found the beauty of Nanning. 
In addition to my heart being touched by the help I have received, I want to share the my feelings with you today.....
LOVE is the most important thing in our life! And love can change many things!"

The circle completes, and LOVE is shared.......
Thank you to all who help to make this possible.
Please connect at linda@hope4china.com if you would like to be involved in helping our work to keep these families together.
Thank you