Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Special Visit to Cenxi

In my search for information about Cenxi, the birthplace of one of my daughters, I came across a picture on the internet, showing ten girls in red clothes, students from the Guangxi Girls Project.

They needed sponsors to be able to go to school. 
This idea appealed to me very much.
I sent an email to Linda Greenshields and was warmly welcomed into the Hope4China family.
We received information about our sponsored girls from Cenxi. 
We were delighted and, at the same time, we started to get very nervous. 
What a responsibility!! 
                                                         It’s like expanding your family.

                                                      What do these girls need?
Pencils in all colours, notebooks, a doll, Barbie, reading books (Pipi Longstocking in Chinese), comics, Top Model, craft supplies, clothes a necklace or bracelet?
There also was a little brother two fathers, two sisters, one mother and grandmother.

I asked Linda what they need. 
Her answer “Everything will be fine.” 

           At last there was this very special day. 
 We visited our girls in Cenxi!
Linda, Matthew and Lucy arranged everything.

It was a very joyful gathering. Lots of jokes and laughter. People very happy to meet each other again. All the girls showing there dresses in “Project Catwalk" style. Girls and staff had lunch together, nice and tasteful, prepared by the girls themselves.

We visited our two girls at home and were very shocked by their living conditions. 
Linda was right. 
These families needed everything. 
You know people are poor, but to experience this by visiting there homes is another thing. 

Hope4China, means really Hope for so many girls (and their families) in Guangxi.!!! 

Everybody wants his/her child to prosper and to be happy. 
You want them to have good education and hopefully a good job.
Linda , Matthew, Lucy and all staff members provide these support for a good future!! 
They visit these  girls, listen to their needs, and help and encourage them to go on with their study. 
The little girls from the Guangxi School Project work very hard.
The only thing we can do is support Hope4China. 
They deserve it!! 

              And waiting outside, the loyal staff, friends and family, 
Thank you so much for this special day!

Kim and Ton, The Netherlands