Friday, July 26, 2013

Every child is special......

...but sadly not every one will be fortunate enough to have all their needs met in this way...

Just before the lovely news of our Royal Birth, we received  distressing news about a child in great need in Guangxi.....

Little Xin was born in December 2006. 
She was abandoned in January 2007 when she was 20 days old. 

Ms Liang found Xin on a cold January morning and took the baby home to care for her, and had her identity registered as her daughter. Six months later, Ms Liang noticed her daughter was not developing as she should. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ms Liang did not really understand what cerebral palsy was at that time. She thought it would be cured one day. 

 Xin has Athetoid CP. She is able to sit alone for a short while and then she would fall backwards. She has little response to people. She can hear but has weak eyesight. She also has  problems swallowing.

This wonderful lady, struggling on her own, with no source of income,
 has continued to love and care for this child. 
Family and friends all try to persuade her to give up this child. 
Ms Liang will not do this, as she loves this little girl and knows that she needs her!

This single mother taking care of an abandoned child with cerebral palsy was noticed by a local journalist in Laibin City. He reported it and raised 8000 yuan for Ms.Liang to help her at that time. 

In 2011, Ms. Liang came to Nanning, rented a room and settled down in Nanning so that she could take her daughter to Angel House to get therapy training in the morning. In the afternoon and night time when Xin is asleep, Ms.Liang has to go to the street to collect the waste. This is how they make a living. And in the evening time Ms.Liang goes to vegetable market to pick some vegetable. This is their food.
It is a difficult choice, but she has no other choice at the moment!

She received  a partial sponsorship from Angel House  last year. She still  has to pay part of the training fee of 400 yuan per month. 
Ms.Liang told us how difficult it is for her to survive and make a living in Nanning, not to mention the training fee to help her daughter. She is longing for any kind of help.

        In order to help her and her precious daughter at this time we need :-

400 yuan training fee, 
100 yuan nappy and 
500 yuan living fee each month. 
Totally 1000 yuan per month. 
Around £106/$163

We are also in process of discussing ways we might help her to raise money by working at home, so that she may be there to care for her daughter.
We urgently need help to make this far we have £35 a month pledged to help this loving and courageous woman. 

Thank you to those who are helping already....
we would be delighted if anyone else felt able to contribute in any way, large or small?

Helen has already visited this lady, provided nappies, living costs and offered our support
We will visit this family in October and hope to be able report some progress in this desperate situation for Ms Liang and little Xin.
Thank you if you can help in any way

Donations can be made on the Paypal Donate Button here (top left corner), 
marked for Xin.
We will send updates on her progress.