Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have you got yours?????????

Have YOU got your Smencil???????

As Hope4China Day 2011 approached, pupils were keen to start organising the event. 
They told me we had to have some "new Stuff", so I thought I better get my act together
 and started to Google, looking for pencils to order with the H4C Logo.
I came across SMENCILS in the US!

No-one here had heard of them...........

  A wee light went off...and I thought, mmmmmm they could be just the thing?
A very good friend in the US helped me to get them here, donating the cost of the SMENCILS herself!!!!!!! And soon we had 500 Smencils waiting for new owners. 
My lovely Wednesday class sprang into action, creating mysterious Smencil posters which appeared along the corridors

                                          with pupils muttering about these strange new posters
They managed NOT to tell a soul what they were all about until we made the announcement that....
...the SMENCILS were here!!!!!!!!!

BTW A Smencil is....a Beautifully Smelly Pencil
made entirely from recycled newspaper!!!!!!
In its own special tube where the smell is guaranteed for 2 years!!!!!!!!
It was priceless to  see pupils running along the corridors, teachers interrupting lessons, 
Prefects running to buy more, grannies sending in money to buy ten!!!!!!!
                                                 Within one day, half were already sold!!!!!!!!!!!
                                          ......the rest were sold on out Hope4China day in the library
               Worried, that they would not all sell, I had given tubs out to friends in other schools to sell for us.
Ours are all gone, with kids still asking for more, 
friends in the other schools are also sold out and requesting more.

             A Great Success
           Raising over £400
            ( after mailing and customs from USA)
  Great fun, happy people, and more to help children in China!!!!!!!!

                                                     PS - One left, to the  highest bidder :-)