Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warm Winter Mission 2008

After returning to China, Matthew has been busy preparing for this year's Warm Winter Mission. Last year we were all so concerned to hear about the conditions when the unexpected "freeze" hit China. We were able to help in some orphanages, but mostly we were too late to really help.

This year, we are ready!

Lots of warm quilts have been bought to deliver to each girl supported by GGEF.

Also warm jackets, hot water bottles .....

Matthew's staff in Nanning getting everything ready.....

Letters, Christmas cards from sponsors, toiletries, books.....

...and some soft cuddly toys!

Matthew and his team have arranged this with around $2 500, donated by sponsors of GGEF girls around the world, friends of Hope4China who have bought Christmas Gift Certificates as presents for friends & family, a major donation from AFAC in Spain, and groups in China.

A truly Global Enterprise..which warms the heart,

and will hopefully "warm" our girls in China in more ways than one.

Through this we hope they will know that people around the world care about them and will have the strength to rise above their difficult circumstances and SHINE :-)

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped... and watch this space for photos of the girls receiving their gifts when Matthew & his team have completed their visits around Guangxi.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Magnolia Shop now open!!!!!!

Our new shop is now open!!!!

Magnolia & Friends
Known as "The Little Doll of Love", Magnolia was inspired by adoptionof three baby girls from China, and has travelled around the world bringing love and hope to children in many countries.

Magnolia & Friends is a corporate fund-raising sponsor for Hope4China.

Please visit at this link , or from the link on the website

We have lots of lovely gifts with a Chinese flavour.

Commission on all sales to Hope4China to further help our work for children in need.

Happy Shopping :-)