Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making a Guangxi

When we get involved in the lives of our Guangxi Girls, we do so much more than just pay fees.......
....our staff are there for support in whatever the circumstances...
and sometimes our sponsors just step in, 
and go the extra mile to help.

One lovely family who have a beautiful daughter adopted from Guangxi, wanted to help Li to go to school. 

When they read the Home Study report, they were moved to help.

 "Since their house is too dilapidated to live in, their relatives borrow money to them to build a new one. They owe a debt about 70,000RMB now. They just built the frame of the house, and can’t afford the furniture. Li ’s bed is made up by a few boards."

The family held a party and asked that guests donate to help little Li instead of bringing gifts.
They raised a wonderful £180 which Matthew took to the family.

They were DELIGHTED to be able to buy a bed, warm quilts, a desk and a chair......

and maybe even most importantly, 
a connection is established with this family in China,
 a family in Sweden and a little girl who connects them all.

and what we can all achieve 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Old and the New in Da Mo Village, Jingxi 2011

                 I just cannot believe that it was almost this time last year that we were in Da Mo!
We are getting ready to travel again, and as usual are just catching up with the Blog from last year's Trip

There is something just so magical about coming down the mountain path into the peacefulness of this valley. This little girl waving as she tends the water buffalo while her mother works in the field               
It is as if time has just stood still...........

                                                      But Time is NOT standing still in Da Mo
.......and nowhere is the contrast more clear than in the first houses in the village. 
On the right the old house with dangerous roof and poor facilities. 
On the left, a shiny new house built with bricks supplied by the Government and built by the villagers.

In some ways life is improving for the Da Mo people, tho many of the girls tell us they preferred their old houses. Some of course are still in their old houses 
with bamboo walls which protect from neither rain, wind or sun......
The biggest problem is that there is still very little land for crops & few ways for families to earn more money.
Life is still tough........

                                                           Strolling down the hill........
                                        ( happy to get out of the van on that treacherous road!)
                                       Mr Li, the teacher coming to help carry supplies -

                      While Guangxi Girls Staff carry the important things - The Birthday Cake!

                                  The girls seem to hear us long before they can see us...........
..and come racing up the hill excitedly to meet their friends
dressed in their exquisite, hand sewn, Miao costumes for the occasion!
There are just no adequate words to describe this
                                  These pictures truly leave me speechless...they can speak for themselves?

                                             Just wandering back down with friends.........

            ...and this butterfly says so much about the beauty and transformation of Hope within this village......

                                                       One lovely girl, making a new friend
The boys of Da Mo, 
who I am sure wonder about why the girls there get such special treatment from people around the world?

                                                         A wee pep talk from Uncle Xu
                                                                 ...and a song for sponsors, with Lady A :-)

                                            Staff going thro the List and delivering support payments from sponsors.
        This does not cover all of the girls needs but makes a difference to help them to go, and stay at school.
More than this it builds connections with the girls so that they do not feel alone in facing their difficult circumstances- they have friends in the Guangxi Girls team who are there for them,
 and they know that friends & families around the world care about them! 

  Then Time to celebrate!!!!!!!!
It is always around Siona's Birthday and I am sure she thinks we are singing for her....
and while we are - 
we are also singing for every one of the precious girls here 
who do not normally have the chance to celebrate Birthdays or eat Cake!

                  For us, one of the most precious things is to be able to visit with families in their homes
                                                            it is such a privilege
                                                                        Pet birds?
                                                                                 Pet Pigs?
                                                                           Pet doves?
                                         Even in the new built homes, very basic living conditions
                                               One little boy's attempt to tame a wild cat to have a pet?

So precious for my girls to just be able to "muck in" with their pals in Da Mo, tucking into their noodles.
For me,and them,  this is beyond price, and we are blessed!

Girls with the amazing dolls whose costumes are hand made by women in the village.

The women are so excited to see their dolls and costumes with people around the world 
who just LOVE them!

                                Here they are in the little room where they are lovingly created

Looking thro the photos from that special day almost one year ago, it was just impossible to include in one blog, all the special memories. I just have to hope that for sponsors and friends of Da Mo,  the photos I have chosen have painted a picture more eloquent than any of my words........

..and so I leave with this amazing photo of an amazing girl
 growing up in the poverty of Da Mo,
 with her unique spirit,
 full of Hope, 
sparked into life by the support of her sponsor and friends around the world.
                                             The glimpse of a future full of Hope............
                                           Thank you Sponsors and friends of Da Mo...
                                                You are part of something precious!