Sunday, September 02, 2012

Shopping & Exploring in Old Jingxi Town

Heading into Jingxi............

                                                                     ...another world
                                                                     Border to Vietnam.

                                      Meeting with the Da Mo High and Middle School girls

They had been given 200 yuan from sponsors 
and been asked to go shop for themselves. 

        There was going to be a competition to see who had managed to spend the most wisely......
                                       so the girls were very excited to share what they had got
                 Most had gone for "cool" clothes that they would not otherwise have been able to buy

                                                     Some had bought books for school!!!!!!
                                                  And were reading them while we had lunch!
Time for off!
High School girls back to school in Jingxi
Middle school were allowed some time off to come and see their own province's beauty spots!

This is an old town, slowly being restored to show tourists a bit of old China. 

                                                  The Da Mo children had never seen it!

Families live there amidst this amazing scenery,
work in the fields, fish, embroider and maintain traditional skills.

                                                                 ( Love Old Doors!)        
                                                          And old ways...threshing the grains

The girls watched, fascinated as the ladies explained to them the techniques to make the Love Balls

                                        and then were very excited to be able to choose their own!
                                                                   Worn with Pride!

You can check out more here about the tradition behind these Guangxi Love Balls

We had a wonderful time too, sharing with the girls as tourists in their beautiful countryside!

                                                          It is a wonderful place just to "be"
                                                 and so special to share it with the Da Mo girls.
Jingxi Town is changing so fast, the old being replaced by the new...but here it is as if time has stood still
                                                                       washing the clothes

                                                                      bringing in the rice

The old ways.........

                                                                 A privilege to be there!

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