Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hope4China'sChildren's Day, June 1st 2013

                           Hope4China'sChildren's Day,  June 1st 2013

                                                           Happy 1st June
            Wang Wang (the symbol of Guangxi Girls)
              painted by one of our talented Guangxi Girls!

                       Our girls coming from rural schools and now city universities
meeting together to make Jiaozi (dumplings) at the Office.

                                   Our Helen in charge of  cooking them

And everyone enjoying eating them - Great Team Effort

Then on to the The Birthday cake!!!!!

to celebrate 16 years of working with the Guangxi Girls!
The Team along with helpers and baby 
- we are into the new generations now!!!!!!!!

Some messages from the girls , some who were there and others unable to make it, but sending best wishes :-)

As fleeting  sixteen years have gone by in an instant, we have witnessed a time of love, accompanied by a process of spiritual growth. Meanwhile, as we have become more sophisticated  they have shown steady perseverance, joy and love, responsibility, and perseverance.
 This warm family gave us more than money and material riches, this is a love of family  always accompanying us, growing slowly. 
We are grateful, we remember.
Perhaps in this day of celebration, there are many like me, because of the distance we could not be gathered, but we believe that love's embrace has no borders.
I wish our family more and more, getting better and better! Thank all of you who pay, and all the people we love!!!!


Meanwhile, in Scotland, Buckhaven pupils were busy packing bags( lots of them!)
                                                      in Sainsbury's, Leven
                     where the staff and customers were so helpful and generous!

Grand Total raised .....
...this will help us to keep on helping the girls next year!
Amazing Day and Wonderful Connections for All
Well done everyone, both here and in China :-)