Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Hope4China Marathon Runners

Today is the day.....

David, Suzanne & Terry after months of training will be pounding the streets of London to raise money to help children in China who have nothing!

We are so proud of their hard work & dedication - especially Suzanne who has been fitting in training with her beautiful new daughter from China- check here for more......

And here are the Justgiving details if you would like to help.....

Thank you so much
& Good Luck to our Runners!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Special helpers


My name is Martha Li Xia South.

I am 7 years old and I go to Holbrook Primary School.

My class did a Assembly of Chinese New Year. My sister Esther and I played our Chinese drums in assembly.

The photo is of us practissing with our Daddy.

My class also had a sponsored competition and it was
counting up to 10 in mandarin.
We rasied enough mouny to help a little girl from china go to school for 5 years. We did it at Hope4China. We are all going to write to her and now we have a extra girl in our class.

Love from ,


Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Our little Star is recovering well :-)
Matthew reports that she has phoned twice to say she is so happy that she is no longer in pain!!!!!
Her mum is with her taking care of her, and she is excited to have some of the older GGEF girls studying at Guilin College to visit her & help her with her school work.
All in, amazing teamwork!!!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

First Surgery

First Surgery is now over and all went well!
Now a week of rest & little else..... to allow healing.
I have sent some photos and she is delighted to see all the people who are helping her.
Please send any other photos to me soon - I am getting some little gifts together to send now.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Even better news!!!!!!

Just got news that she will begin her surgery today!
I so hope that this is the beginning of her new life.

Thanks to all who have made this possible - will keep you posted.

Check Shaun's sterling efforts here.....

And if anyone knows how to download the actual video to the Blog - please let me know - tried for ages last night