Thursday, April 25, 2013

How much will your help mean?

We have received hundreds of letters from the Guangxi Girls over the years....

they are all different
they make us laugh
they make us cry
they humble us
they inspire us

but something about this one just says it all?

I know that it is hard when we are all so busy and our Volunteers send out the requests....
"It is that time again, please send photos/letter for you girls...."

I know we ask for donations for the Gifts the girls will receive in your name when we visit.......

I hope that this beautiful letter can go some way to explaining just how much these things mean to our girls......
...and why we work so hard, with your help, to build these precious connections.

"I’m going to go to school soon. My school is Guangxi Medical University. 
I dreamed of being a doctor, and this dream is going to come true. 
I guess you must be happy with me, don’t you?

How did you spend your summer holiday this year? Did you have a good time? Because I had to spend time on selecting and applying for college issues, I did not go to Guangdong for work in this holiday. Instead, I helped my relatives to do farm work, feeding silkworm, and planting grain. Although it was very tired to do farm work, I was very happy. One thing I did not like is: I got suntanned .
I heard that some people like baby silkworms. And I like them too. If you come here at the right time, I can show you those baby silkworms, and there are stories about silkworms.

A few days ago, I took out all the gifts and letters I got from you. They brought me lots of joyful memory. I still remember the excitement and touch as I got them. My first gift is a quilt with cotton wadding. It warms my body, and my heart. There are clothes. I love them so much. One of them, I wore it too often and it was going to worn-out. I keep it as a souvenir now. There are also dolls and toys. I never got a toy before. But what I like most is your photos. You let me know where those photos taken. Those buildings and scenery are so beautiful. I think if one day I have chance to go aboard, I must go to the British. I will take them with me when I go to school. I want them to accompany me during my college life.

My subject will be 7-year clinical medicine. 
How I wish I can be an outstanding doctor, and make great contribution in medical field.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and know everything of you. My mum is happy to know about you too. 
All my family wish you happy and healthy forever. "

This beautiful girl could have continued to work in the fields, which is an honourable occupation, if that is what she wanted to do!
But in her fields, she dreamed of being a doctor and making a difference.
Thanks to her sponsor, and the Guangxi Girls Education Programme her dreams are coming true...and in such a beautiful way.

We can't wait to see her face later this year, when her sponsor will make a surprise visit :-)
Watch this space!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Developments at Desheng SWI.

The mountains of Desheng appear on the horizon, and here we are again.....

This time carrying special cargo which has been lovingly created by Manna
with photos from beautiful Desheng children around the world
to give to their early carers in Desheng SWI

It has traversed several flights from Scotland
and is now about to enter the last leg - 
the bus from Nanning to Jinchengjiang, Hechi.

Where we will be relieved to finally deliver it to Desheng Staff.
It was hard work!!
     Some wee helpers getting all the gifts ready to take for the Desheng children....

              And off we go, with a special cars sent from the SWI to pick us up :-)
                            And before we know it, we are at the Gate again......
                         many different emotions every time.
            A very warm welcome form Ms Qin who is now the Deputy Director
                        She is dying to know what is in this package.....
Finally, to much interest and applause, the Canvas of all our beautiful Desheng children was unveiled. It is hard to capture the excitement and delight. It was filmed in great detail...but it is just tooo long to share!

The Fu Girls presented it to the |Directors
                                    and then everyone joined in the Celebrations
       There was great buzz of nannies and staff trying to work out who was who:-)
Thankfully we had drawn out a plan with all the names so they could find the children they had known and cared for.
After all the excitement had died down, we went to the new Conference Room for an official welcome for the girls, ourselves and an update on the new plans for Desheng SWI to help meet the needs of the children with special needs still living there

The Fu Girls were presented with these beautiful Guangxi Love Balls 
as a gift from Desheng SWI
                                   They were delighted to receive them!

                                            And Loved the Fu Stone!

We wandered out into the new landscaped grounds & learned about the plans for the future - this is the original Baby Room Building.
The tall building in the centre will be the new children's rooms. 
It will have an elevator which will make it possible to use wheelchairs to bring the children out to enjoy the new grounds

As we wandered, nannies were still checking all the beautiful faces
and had acquired MY copy of the calendar too :-)

Tour of grounds continued as we chatted.....

                      With a special gift, for Robert from his faithful sponsors -
he particularly requested this Remote control Helicopter so he could play with his new foster brother

                                    A Special place and visit for the girls!

                     And a light-hearted chat with the new Director & Staff

                                           And so, when in Rome......
                                         ...we just had to join in :-)

               Sharing photos from families around the world with special care-givers-
                                         always a special part of our visits

                                                Some happy Fu Girls with Ms Qin!
And soon time again to leave the SWI and head downtown to the now familiar restaurant for dinner with staff,foster mothers and children

Once there, we were able to share more updates from families.
Staff were so delighted to see even more updates from the children and took the pages to deliver to foster mothers who were not there that day.

                 Such a privilege to be able to share such precious connections!

                                      Some of our lovely Foster Children
                                                       and Foster Mothers
                                                     Having fun
                                                               Sayin Hi

Dinner was lovely, but we are never able to focus fully on the food -
there is so much to think about, ask, take in.........

At dinner, the Director and Ms Qin responded positively to our request 
to keep the original baby rooms as they were 
so that children visiting in later years, 
could see the rooms where they were cared for?

Girls having fun
                                             Lucy quickly translating....
                                          share with the Director

                and then some gifts for the Foster children and the SWI children 
                            donated from Desheng families and sponsors

Looks like everyone was pleased with their gifts
and staff took the rest for the children who could not be there, 
and gifts for the SWI children too!

Thank you to all who donated to help make this possible 
from the staff and children at Desheng.

Once again, time to get ready to go.....

                           with smiles and a welcome back for next year!
We continue to work to build bridges and connections for our own children 
and the precious souls still living there

Once again, our van drove along the main road, as we left with so many thoughts, emotions, questions......
...but knowing 
" It was good to have been there......."

.....and we drove off to explore a special Desheng spot :-)