Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Little Starfish - Good News!!!!!!!!

It is wonderful to be able to post smiling photos of the little girl waiting for surgeries to help her after the horrific burns!
Here she is ( spotty jacket) with a friend and GGEF staff when she received her Warm Winter gifts a few months ago.

It is wonderful to see her smiling as she received her gifts.....

...but even more wonderful to let you know that she is now in hospital in Guilin waiting for the doctors to begin surgery.
Matthew is going to see the doctors soon!

Thank you to all who have helped... special thanks to Claire & Shaun & sponsors for your extra efforts & wonderful donation!!!!!

I can't believe we have raised all the money - you are all STARS!

Now please send me your photos to add to a big Photo Collage to send to her to wish her well and tell her we are all thinking of her.

Xie Xie!!!!!!!

Will post news as soon as I get it :-)

Linda x