Sunday, February 16, 2014

Real Needs in Cenxi...

In October we were again able to visit Cenxi, where we met with teachers and local representatives to get to know the needs of the area.

We met with 10 lovely girls all from poor homes, who were recommended by their teachers, as needing some help to stay at school. 
We have now visited a few of their homes to ascertain the needs, and will endeavour to visit the rest of the girls over time.
We are so thankful that each of these girls now has a lovely sponsor to support them and help them stay at school. 

Our staff are enjoying getting to know them, and sharing your gifts with them. 
They loved their special Christmas/Spring Festival Gifts from sponsors, 
and will be looking forward to receiving notes and photos from their new sponsors next term :-)

 While there in January however, our staff met with some new girls who need urgent help and support ...
Allow us to introduce them briefly, in the hope that friends out there may be able to help to bring some hope into their lives....

1. Firstly, little Hong.

We first met her in October. Her teacher cried when she told us of her plight.
She had been ill for a long time and doctors could not find out what was wrong. She is an excellent student, but had been unable to work. Here family had spent all they had on medical expenses.
With some help from Hope4China and AFAC, she was brought to hospital in Nanning, where she has been diagnosed with a serious form of lupus. She will need to be on long term medication to control this. 
As you can see from this more recent photo, the meds have caused severe swelling.
Her family are in great need to meet her expenses, 
and enable her to continue to go to school.

2. Yu, who speaks fantastic English & is desperate to stay at school...

However, her parents are in poor health and unable to work. Her father’s leg is paralysed, and her mother can only see barely with one eye. They are unable to make a good living and need to support two grandparents and Yu and her little brother. 
Any help with school fees and costs would make such a difference.

3. Jie who was born, unable to use  arms, hands, but struggles on...

She has faced many struggles, but refuses to give up. She goes to school and has learned to write beautifully with her toes.
In order to support her to school, her mother rents a little place right by the school, so Jie could walk home everyday.
Her mother is unable to take a full time job, so they have very little income and struggle to meet the daily essentials, including books and fees for school. Jie  is a hard working student at school, who gets on well with her classmates. She really needs some help to support her at school.

4&5 The Huang sisters and Nai Nai

Their father died when they were just very little. And their mother left them then. Grandma who is now 85 years old, has been living with them all their life. 
The problems with the family is very obvious. Grandma is getting very old, no income for this family. They live in very poor conditions.
Yan is about 16 years old, and  Feng is about 14? Neither girl even knows what day they were actually born.
These girls urgently need help to enable them to remain at school, and have hope for their futures......

It is impossible to know about these situations, and not do anything to help?
As part of our Guangxi Girls Team, each girl needs a sponsor costing £10 a month/£120 a year. 
This is such a small amount from many of our general costs, and yet can make such a difference for these girls.

You can check out more info about the Guangxi Girls Programme 
here on the Website 

                          and contact us if you would like to sponsor one of the girls.

                                           Thank you so much for your interest.
We would love to be able to tell them that they have a sponsor and can be part of our Guangxi Girls team!

# Messages just in...we have sponsors for Yu and the Huang sisters for now!!
Thank you so much - will keep you updated as messages come in.....
And a sponsor for Jie :-)
And a Sponsor for Hong!!!!!

We are also receiving some extra donations to help make a difference for the girls.
Watch this space..
And Thank you ALL so much x