Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teddy Bears Party in Cenxi

Meeting our new Cenxi girls at their school in the city was a major event for us on this trip.
We have held Teddy Bear Picnics in previous years for many of our girls...
this has always been an exciting connection between sponsors and their girls, 
not to mention a wee problem in transportation of so many bears and accessories.
However it is more than worth it as always to see the delight on the faces of each girl, realising that their sponsors have been involved in getting them their very own teddy and choosing some clothes for them.

But this event started off very differently!
Our wonderful Ms Deng, the Cenxi Primary teacher had already arranged lots of games and fun for our girls AND their classmates....

For the first time ever, I was able to sit back and enjoy, for a few moments, 
before all the Letter and Teddy chaos started :-)

...along with some very special wee peeps :-)

Who wants to play?
                                         OK - Let's get this Party started.......





                          All the kids had a ball, the big ones and the little ones :-)

Then, while "Our Girls" received their letters from Scotland, 
and we prepared the Teddies and outfits, 
the rest of the school went home for lunch.

         We had a Teddy for every girl, with a personalised tag from their sponsor

And a suitcase FULL of wonderful accessories for each girl to be able to choose several outfits for their bear. So many friends and sponsors donated to make this possible for the girls. We wish you could have been there to see the joy it brought!

The girls were getting excited, and very curious?

Firstly, we had to explain what a Teddy was, and how you should care for one, as sadly many of the girls told us they had no idea what to do with a teddy :-(
On our recent picnics where we have given teddies as gifts, even to the older girls, they have told us how they love to hug their teddies and share their secrets with them.

Uncle Matthew got his first and showed the girls what to do..
Just cannot believe he was actually NOT wearing his matching combats this day
And just for the record, Build a Bear did not do yellow shoes - we asked!!!!

Eilidh and Linnea gave out the Teddies, 

The girls were so delighted, but it was hard to  keep up with all the excitement and capture the joy on each girl's face....

                                  But, believe me, they were all SO happy :-)

                                  Lucy explained how to dress them up....
And could not believe that they had so many fun outfits to choose from.....

This wee one needed some help to work out what to do....

 The Head Teacher - wonderful man! - 
was soon getting involved showing the girls what to do!!!!!

                                     Teddies dressed in their special outfits :-)

                                                  Birthday card given

                 And then a wee competition to give the Wardrobe as a prize

              And then all too soon, it was time for the girls to go home......

Unfortunately, one of our little ones was ill and missed the party, but Ms Deng made sure she got her teddy the next day at school.

Our older girls were unable to be there, as it was the time for the college entrance exams at High school and all other students had been sent home.
We left the Teddies with friends who would deliver them to the girls later.

And of course we re able to deliver this one ourselves, to one of our girls who stays out in the countryside.

                                    So all the girls have their Teddies!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this possible....from donating Teddies, Clothes, Accessories, and money to help buy what we else we needed.
We, and the girls appreciate it so much.

We hope we have captured just a wee flavour for you in the photos....
I am sure these Teddies are being well cared for and whispered to as they are held close each night.
Thank you all!