Friday, February 27, 2009

Warm Winter Mission 2009

Something happened a few years ago!

One little girl in China said to Matthew that she could not get her feet warm at winter and it made her cry.......

Another girl asked - "What is this Christmas that people celebrate?"

I am so happy & proud to say that these words changed lives for so many families in Guangxi!

Matthew decided to do something about it!

Matthew has always said that GGEF is not about money, I have always said that Hope4China is not about is about building meaningful relationships with wonderful people, whom we are PROUD to know!

Thanks to Matthew's vision, and knowledge of these wonderful girls, the amazing organisation of the GGEF staff, the wonderful generous sponsorship from people around the world in Hope4China, AFAC, USA and Europe, an amazing military operation was put in place to give each girl in the GGEF Programme :-

a Warm quilt & blanket
a Warm jacket
Gloves & Socks
Hot Water Bottle( first discovered in Scotland:-)
Personal letters, Photos & Gifts from Sponsors....

This has brought LOVE to our girls from those who care about them all around the world!

I hope it has made them Warm in more ways than one!

Please click on SLIDESHOW & see what you think?

Thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed in whatever way to this small MIRACLE!

Xie Xie to Matthew & Robin & the wonderful GGEF team for making it possible

Linda x

PS If anyone would like a copy of the DVD of Matthew visiting the girls to give their gifts( for a small donation:-), please email me at

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope....and Starfish

We took our two little ones to Deep Sea World the other day... and as always, I learned a lot :-)

The Guide picked up a lone Starfish Leg... and asked the children,

" Is it alive?"

"Yes", they all shouted!!!!

And it was!

The Starfish with only one leg (the rest having been eaten by predators), had the capacity to grow all the other legs & be restored!

What a wonderful symbol!

There are so many children around the world whose lives have been shattered by circumstances.. but there is Hope... and together we can help to make sure that these precious children grow into what they should be:-)

Thank you for helping