Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Help needed for Precious Babies

If you happen to be walking past a little shop window

in a little town in the north of Scotland,

you might see this little display.

( Thank you, Heather)
It may be a little display,
in a little town,
in a little country,
but behind it lies GREAT Effort,
Hard work & Determination
from David
who is running the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 31st May
to raise funds for Hope4China .

And behind all of that lies the HUGE NEED to provide love and care for so many precious babies who just need a special someone to care for them
You can click on the link above to sponsor David or/and contact info@hope4china.info for more details on sponsoring a child.

Please give a LITTLE to change a LOT
Xie Xie :-)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Intuitive Moment

Having coffee with a friend the other day, we were discussing our two precious little ones (who are best friends:-) )

We both spoke of moments when , either our little one had been given a row & been put on the "naughty step", or had been hurt by another child.

We both commented on that moment when we look at our child & intuitively know they are in distress, fear, panic about the situation.

In that moment we both spoke of how we jump to meet that need & change the situation causing this fear in our child, without really even being aware that we were doing it.

It is an AUTOMATIC reflex.

It is instant, intuitive & almost spontaneous.

Our hearts break with them.

And we are able to console & make life better again for these precious little souls.


But in that same moment I realised afresh what is that children without families to care for them have really lost.

It is more than just a family....

it is that one person/persons who really KNOW the child and can intuitively meet their needs at the deepest level.

So in that moment when I felt so privileged to be able to be in the position to care for my little one, my heart broke all over again for the many, many children who do not have that precious connection with one person who just KNOWS them!!!!!

And can love them & cuddle them & make them feel better without a word.

There are so many little souls who just ache for that one person........................................

...................and only £20 a month can provide this until they can find a family to love them FOREVER.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some other A+++ Helpers

A few more of my special helpers who were on The Early Shift :-)
Thanks girls - you happy now?

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Amazing helpers

An Amazing Lesson in Life!

Having learned about Charities and Loving your Neighbour in Religious & Moral Education ,
my wonderful S2 classes from Dunfermline High School turned out for
an Assessment with a Difference!
Packing bags in Asda for four hours on a Sunday afternoon, to raise money to send 15 girls in China to school seemed like a far more effective guage of how effective their learning had been.
These wonderful pupils have been learning about life in rural China, reading letters & reports from the girls they are helping.
They have all commented on how much they have learned from the girls in China about their attitude to life.
It has been an eye opener for them!
I am proud to be working with both my special girls in China AND these amazing young people in Scotland who have so much, and wish to give so much back.
They raised an amazing £850 which will pay for the Nanning girls to go to school for a year and help with food costs while they are there.
They are busy at the moment writing letters & preparing small gifts to send to our friends in China...
Watch this space .....
I am so proud of them all !!!!!!!
They teach me so much!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thank you Marathon Man!!!!

Well done David!!!!
Amazing time of 4:10:15!!!
Sunny day and money raised to help children in great need in China!!!
What could be better?

Still time to donate & help David with his wonderful efforts for the Edinburgh Marathon 31st May http://www.justgiving.com/davidknowles2
Thanks to all