Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Help needed for Precious Babies

If you happen to be walking past a little shop window

in a little town in the north of Scotland,

you might see this little display.

( Thank you, Heather)
It may be a little display,
in a little town,
in a little country,
but behind it lies GREAT Effort,
Hard work & Determination
from David
who is running the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 31st May
to raise funds for Hope4China .

And behind all of that lies the HUGE NEED to provide love and care for so many precious babies who just need a special someone to care for them
You can click on the link above to sponsor David or/and contact info@hope4china.info for more details on sponsoring a child.

Please give a LITTLE to change a LOT
Xie Xie :-)

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