Monday, March 04, 2013

Tiaras & Tears at Nanning SWI

Back again at Nanning SWI , on a beautiful sunny day in October,  were greeted with the happy songs and games of the Kindergarten children - such joy and beauty - sounds of laughter and happiness in a place whose history has known such sadness.

But this day we were meeting with the special foster mothers and children from the Grace and Hope Foster Care Programme where we support around 20 children thro Hope4China.
Some of the children were busy at school, but we were delighted to met with some old friends, and "their" children

Wonderful to meet with Xiao Xiao who has worked tirelessly for years to bring babies the love they need to thrive in a foster family.
I love her quote.....

"An orphanage helps a baby to SURVIVE
Foster care helps a baby to THRIVE!!"

                                 This little one, THRIVING in the love and care that surrounds him!

                                            and I must say my necklace looked better on him:-)
As the mothers, fathers and grandparents brought the children in, it 
was delightful to see how they had grown and blossomed
                                                   Some old friends....just blooming!

She was so excited to see herself filmed on the iPad and kept performing, then running to see "her show"
                                                                      Priceless Fun :-)

Our Princess dressed up by her proud foster mama. delighted to twirl, smile and show off her lovely dress

                                                                  A little thoughtful.......

                                               Very interested in what was going on......

                                        And of course, what fun with the stones :-)

                                                              Jie Jies joining in with the Mei Meis

                                        Just look at the loving care to fix this Princess' hair

The stones were put aside for a while as the children came to collect Gifts given from Hope4China Sponsors

                                             and soon even the littleys were busy playing

                                                        with some help from their big friends!

After chatting with, encouraging the Foster mothers in their great work,
 playing with the babies and the children,
it was time to go......
 The joy of the Foster care seen in the pride of the parents,
 the joy of the children 
and the very normal sibling & toddler issues
                                                    Our Princess could not have her own way
                                   and despite helpful words from Xiao Xiao and foster mama
                                                  she was just having "none of it"

                                                             And it was time to go home.........
                                                               ( We've all been there!)
                                      as Foster Mother & Father whisked her away on their scooter.......
                                             Just a normal day in the life of.......the Foster Children!

                                     We are so thankful to all the sponsors who make this possible!

If you would like to find out more about how you can sponsor a child from an orphanage to a foster family 
to make this difference, 

                                                                 please check out here :-


                                     UK families can contact us direct at to arrange.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mother's Day

On our last trip it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming to meet mothers in the community, who were struggling to keep, meet the needs of their children born with special needs. 
Their mother love is strong and fierce and they are prepared to do anything to help their children thrive. Some have fought against the odds to "keep" their child against the wishes/advice of family/neighbours, 
but all are poor, tho hardworking......

We have been able to help with accommodation, training at Angel House, therapy equipment and much more.
There are great needs ahead and we hope to be able to continue to work with and support them in their struggles.

If you would like to Celebrate Mother's Day
by giving a Gift in your Mother's name
you can donate here Paypal Button
and we will send you a personalised e-card
to give to your mother as a Mother's Day Gift.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day!
Thank you!