Monday, August 26, 2013

Cenxi Days....

                             Finally after years of searching, arriving in Cenxi

                                                    Cenxi Train Station
                          Welcomed, and eating with a local Cenxi family - connections!

                                     with some very tasty Cenxi food
                                                Just wandering around...

                                  ...doing some good old Cenxi people watching

           Love these two dear ladies....would love to hear their stories?

                                                         And theirs?

                                         Cenxi Square, with the Cenxi Stone

Aha, we found the best street noodle lady in Cenxi!
                                                 Some old Cenxi houses

                              and lots more very "interested" people :-)

ending the day with some very thoughtful wee girls 
looking out over the Cenxi night............

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ways to make a difference.....

Five precious children in Guangxi
born to poor and struggling families,
each with special needs.....
            Most have cerebral palsy, others have various additional needs....
                              All are in need of urgent help and support

In every case, at their birth, friends, neighbours, relatives tried to persuade the parents to abandon their child.

Sadly, there is still a long held superstition in some rural areas that these children will bring bad luck, along with the more practical problem of finding the money to pay for medical costs and treatment necessary.

 In EVERY case, the birth mother alone, or both parents, 
and in one case a single adoptive mother 
has fought to keep the child they LOVE, desperate to do anything to help them 

With Helen working in our New Hope Programme, we are privileged to be in a position to help these families, also helping to change perceptions and show the value of each and every child.
She offers support and advice on matters large and small and helps to make placements with Angel House.

We also provide :-
Nappies for the children who need them, 
Help with finding and paying for accommodation in Nanning to be able to attend Angel House, the Therapy Centre for children with Cerebral Palsy. 
Help with living costs where the mother is unable to work due to caring for her child.
Help with payment for Angel House courses.
Special equipment needed for therapy at home.

In recent years we were fortunate to have a small grant to help develop this work, but its term has now ended, and we need to find new ways to support these fantastic mothers who face such obstacles simply in caring for their precious children.

             So we urgently need sponsors for £10/12 euros/$16 a month
This payment will go towards supporting all the families we work with and 
we will send regular reports on how the families and children are progressing.

Donations can be made at 

              Please contact us at for more info 

We asked one of the mothers what difference this help made in her life?

She replied......
                                      " It gives me HOPE"

               Thank you for helping to bring Hope where it is soo needed.