Monday, August 26, 2013

Cenxi Days....

                             Finally after years of searching, arriving in Cenxi

                                                    Cenxi Train Station
                          Welcomed, and eating with a local Cenxi family - connections!

                                     with some very tasty Cenxi food
                                                Just wandering around...

                                  ...doing some good old Cenxi people watching

           Love these two dear ladies....would love to hear their stories?

                                                         And theirs?

                                         Cenxi Square, with the Cenxi Stone

Aha, we found the best street noodle lady in Cenxi!
                                                 Some old Cenxi houses

                              and lots more very "interested" people :-)

ending the day with some very thoughtful wee girls 
looking out over the Cenxi night............

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