Sunday, September 08, 2013

What price, a smile?

Have you ever had toothache? 
Can you remember the pain?

 It’s awful! It gnaws away at you non stop and affects everything you do until you can have it fixed.

Can you imagine what would it be like if you had toothache and couldn’t tell anyone… or ongoing toothache that was never addressed?
Many of the children we are supporting in China have poor dental hygiene and suffer dental caries. 

This happens for a variety of reasons – poor diet, lack of equipment, lack of education, behaviour, medication etc.

We would like to do something to support our special needs children and their carers in China who need help with this issue.

This photo shows a Collis Toothbrush and as you can see, it looks different from a normal toothbrush. The bristles are curved and brush the surfaces of the teeth and, more importantly the gums, at the same time. They are fairly easy to use and we think could make a big difference to some of the children in China.

Of course, like everything for people with disabilities, they don’t come cheap. These brushes are £7 each and will need replaced on a regular basis.

Do you think you could help?? Just think of the difference between having and not having toothache…
Of course, these brushes won’t solve the problem for those children who already need dental work carried out but if we can support carers to start tooth brushing and help them maintain healthy mouths it would be a fantastic achievement.

                                         What can you do?
If you put 50p in a tub every time you brushed your teeth for a week we could buy a toothbrush!
Get some of your friends, family and colleagues to do this too and Hey Presto…we’re off!

Or you can donate directly on the Hope4China web page using the ‘donate’ button at the side. 

Just think what a difference your money could make.
Many Thanks

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