Monday, September 09, 2013

Another Scot in Nanning!

Cameron, a former Religious Studies pupil at Buckhaven High School in Scotland, has arrived to spend 3 months working with Matthew and the Team in Nanning!

While China was often discussed in our class, in terms of world views etc, I would never have thought then, that this quiet lad would one day be taking himself off to Nanning to work with our staff in Hope4China.

But so it was, that the beginning of September as I arrived at Buckhaven High School to start work, a message pinged from Matthew in Nanning....

                                        Cameron is here!

                       Slightly exhausted, very relieved, he made it!!!

At the moment he is unable to blog, so I have asked him to share his thoughts here for us.....

"My first impressions of Nanning are best described in one word, 


The way of life is very different than in Scotland but all the differences are very exciting. The main differences are the roads which could only be described as a "free-for-all", and the food which is also completely different but in a good way because it is all fast, fresh, varied and you can see exactly what you are eating (no secret ingredients like horse meat!). 

          ( Not sure the same can be said for this MacDonald's meal?)

The people in Nanning are very nice and are eager to welcome you into their home for a meal or just to sit and talk about where you come from. 

Caucasian tourists are very rare here so you get unusual stares when you go anywhere in public. Although this was a bit unsettling at first I am starting to get more used to it. Despite this, when people get the chance to talk to you they are all very interested to find out more about you, where you are from (because if you are white then you are considered to be American until people find out otherwise), and why you are in China.

There has not been a minute in Nanning which could be described as boring, as there is always something happening at every time of day and night. I'm looking forward to the rest of my stay and always thinking about what surprises will come in the next day!

The School Visits for the Guangxi Girls Education Programme are fast approaching and I am very excited about travelling around Guangxi doing the visits. 

         I have met some of the girls who study in Nanning at the Office.

I'm looking forward to seeing what life is like outside the city and how it differs from more modern Chinese life. I am also eager to speak to the people from the more rural areas and Matthew also wants me to talk to the girls to give them a different perspective on things.

It is very hard to sum up all that I have experienced already.....but hope this helps?"

                                             Cameron Smith

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