Thursday, October 25, 2012

Angels of Hope

Last October 2011, one of our last visits was to Angel House

          where children with CP are cared for 
by an amazing team of teachers and therapists.
Helen arranges for our New Hope children to attend here regularly, for therapy with training for the foster mothers to continue helping the children at home. 
Alison was attending to visit the children & introduce some music therapy to help in the training.

                          My very own special helpers :-)
Wheelchair Park 
for many of the children who attend, 
but families still need to get their children up the stairs! 
No lift yet:-(

It is always brilliant to meet our little friend Linda.

Her happy excited face greets us each year, and we wonder at her growth and development. She has come so far from the poor baby we discovered bleeding in her cot, banging her head on the sides.

She has been in Foster care thro Grace-Hope since 2005,
 sponsored by a friend in Hope4China, 
who has even travelled to China to meet her!

                    Monique, who sits and watches quietly

Little Lee, who struggled all thro his short life, cared for by his amazing foster family. 
Sadly he passed away only a few days after our meeting. 
We can only be thankful that he was loved....and my friend said- he is now dancing in heaven,
 free from pain!

                     Little souls patiently awaiting their turn on the 
                                    Magical Music Machine.

         Patricia also cared for by a loving foster mama 
and a faithful Hope4China friend since 2005

And this year, new members to our little team were the families from the community, 
bringing their children here, 
full of hope for the future. 
These families are sponsored by Hope4China and need our help!
The Magical Music Machine was switched on and the children laughed excitedly as the sounds rang out!

                       Warming the heart to hear the sounds :-)

     Our little Bertha, getting some special one-to-one attention

                            Patricia, who is almost blind, 
enjoying the feel and the sound of the music......

Our two young mums enjoying the music with their babies, enjoying each other's company and the strength they have gained by being together in this environment which offers hope for the children their community had shunned.

 Each child had a chance to have a song sung with their name in it,          play with the musical instruments and have one to keep!
      Then it was time to feed the tummies as well as the souls...........
         So we all headed out, wheelchairs and all 
to a local restaurant for dinner
We marvelled at the patience and skills of the foster mothers as they transported these children down stairs, into wheelchairs, across busy roads and into the restaurant to eat

                   In fact, we were truly moved to tears...........

               These women and the work they do for these children just overwhelms me every time.
                                     They are the Angels!
          Sadly little Adam here who we had also sponsored and cared for since 2005 passed away this year
               and so two of our Angels are now dancing in heaven!

It is impossible not to be touched by our Linda's infectious giggles and zest for life, so while we inwardly struggled with so many emotions, outwardly we joined in with the silly games and thoroughly enjoyed our precious time with this little girl.
 Once again, time to leave.........
               struggling into taxis, up and down stairs...just a daily part of life for these Angels.

We left money, donated by friends of Hope4China 
with the foster mothers 
to buy warm clothes for the winter for the growing children, 
and to buy good quality nappies for those who needed them .
It is little, but helps to make a difference, giving encouragement to these angels in their work.

              And, as always, our Kiss from Lovely Linda xxx