Monday, December 08, 2014

Bringing some Hope this Christmas....

At this time of year, we are bombarded with images and adverts for all those things we "must" have?
I know that many have had enough of this! 
We have so much! 
Our children have too much! 
And the over-commercialisation of Christmas is just not what we want!

There are so many places where children and families have so little.....

 We have visited so many homes in rural Guangxi where families do not even begin to have the basics....
                                               ...not even running water in their homes
                                                                     very basic cooking facilities
                                              and very basic living and sleeping arrangements

               At this time of year, with no heating in the homes, and very thin walls, families are cold!

Our Girls in the Guangxi Girls Education programme do not have much!
They have HOPE!
And the support of a wonderful group of staff and friends who are more like family.
They do not ask for anything....
...but at this time of year, we aim for our staff to travel to their places around Guangxi, bringing some real, personal Christmas cheer, warm gifts given by Community Roots China , along with a Christmas card from their sponsors.
In order to do this we need to raise around £500 to cover travel and other related costs.

Instead of buying gifts that so many do not need, or even really want, would you consider donating to help us make this possible?

We can personalise a Gift Certificate for you to give to friends, neighbours, teachers, showing that you have given a gift in their name to help those who have so little this Christmas.

Let's bring some Christmas Joy!

Can you help us?
Any donation can be made on the Paypal Donate Button here.
And you can contact us at if you would like a Gift Certificate sent out :-)

Thank you!