Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Special Children are thriving....

New Hope

Every child is special......

...and with your help, we are able to show this to the special mamas who struggle against the odds to bring up their special children with no income, no support and until now, little hope......

 Little Xin here still needs our help.
Her mother has no income, cares for her daughter 24/7. We are helping pay living fees, medicine, nappies and Angel House therapy. Medicine alone (which has been very effective in stopping seizures) costs £80 a month. A Sponsor donated the first 3 months, and now we need to find more?
Her mama is so appreciative of the help, and the hope it brings.

And just look at our Zhou, beaming!
He is developing so well, just waiting for his specially made shoes, donated by a sponsor, and I am sure he will be off, walking.
We are paying his living fees as his father has to rebuild their dilapidated house and has no paid work. 
                        Independently, trying to do everything for himself.
                                                 And our Yi is doing well.
His mama is excited that he is now focusing on objects and following them with his eye

              Out shopping with Helen to buy new warm clothes for the winter

Some of the other community children we work with are home in their villages for now, having benefited from therapy , help and support here in Nanning with Helen. We keep in touch with them and are on hand to help where needed.

The other children are in Foster care with Grace and Hope for Children, many sponsored by Hope4China.
Helen visits the children , offering extra support where needed for therapy, medicines and equipments and providing pampers Nappies which the foster mothers love!

This enables the children, many older now, to remain dry at night, giving everyone a better night's sleep and reducing the pressure on the foster mums who do so much for these children every day!
We need £67 a month to provide these nappies!

And our wonderful news for 2014 is that our Linda is going to school in the new term!!!!!
She is so ready to learn :-)
Helen has kept close contact with her over the years and has now arranged for her to go to school at the Silver Lining Foundation, where she will learn to become even more independent.
We are so delighted that with your help, these children are beginning to fulfil their potential and realise their own dreams.....
Thank you.
For this work to continue, we urgently need more donations, monthly sponsors, so that when Helen asks if we can meet a need that has come up for any of the children, we can say, 

Friday, January 03, 2014

Warm Winter Mission 2013

Once again time to send love and warmth around Guangxi.....
Building on the connections between our girls, our staff, community groups in China and our sponsors around the world. Santa Matthew and his team of Elves spring into action.....


Banli Primary, Chongzhou
Da Mo Primary, Jingxi

Du An High School

                                                                    Lalie, Du An

                                          Girls now studying in Guilin

                                             Girls now studying in Nanning

               Dale coming to share Christmas Greetings with our Nanning girls

                                                     Keeping warm.....



                                                           Quanzhou Primary


                             Lots of warm blankets for the chilly mountain winter

                                                          Desheng & Yizhou

We are very thankful for the many , many people who help us to make this possible.
Thank you for helping us to share Christmas Love with our Guangxi girls