Friday, January 03, 2014

Warm Winter Mission 2013

Once again time to send love and warmth around Guangxi.....
Building on the connections between our girls, our staff, community groups in China and our sponsors around the world. Santa Matthew and his team of Elves spring into action.....


Banli Primary, Chongzhou
Da Mo Primary, Jingxi

Du An High School

                                                                    Lalie, Du An

                                          Girls now studying in Guilin

                                             Girls now studying in Nanning

               Dale coming to share Christmas Greetings with our Nanning girls

                                                     Keeping warm.....



                                                           Quanzhou Primary


                             Lots of warm blankets for the chilly mountain winter

                                                          Desheng & Yizhou

We are very thankful for the many , many people who help us to make this possible.
Thank you for helping us to share Christmas Love with our Guangxi girls

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sharon said...

those pics are so wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing Linda x