Monday, November 25, 2013

Mountains & Miracles!

 Setting off on the road to Du An and Lalie, deep in the mountains and valleys
 Many of the homes of our girls were nestled in deep valleys, with no running water or electricity until very recently.
 Life here is hard!
But the views are just stunning!!!!
 We met a sprightly eighty four year old Grandpa, walking the long journey thro the mountains to town in Lalie. Turns out his grand-daughter, now a paediatricain in Yizhou, was one of our first Guangxi Girls :-)
                                               He recognised Matthew
                                           Precious Connections!

We arrived at the home of a wonderful old gentleman in Lalie, 
who first contacted Matthew years ago 
to ask if he could help the girls in the valleys

He opens his home each time our Team visits and helps with looking after the girls - it was an amazing place to meet!

We just loved the history in his home......
and it was great for Cammy to share with the girls about all of their hopes for the future!

                            and then the son of the home, made us all lunch!!!!

                 Wonderful hospitality in rural, and poor Guangxi!

And then Lucy had the girls get down to the hard work of filling in their questionnaires to send to their sponsors

                              Support money all paid out and accounted for
                                         Watched by their very appreciative mamas, who truly appreciate this chance for their girls!
   The girls also received beautiful scarves, and Scottish hearts from Hope4China!
                                                       Happy Girls :-)
                                  And truly a privilege to have been there!
      Then heading back thro the mountains to Du An to see our High School girls

Du An High School

As the girls started to arrive for our meeting, we kinda took over an Ice-cream parlour at the School gate - the owners were happy to share their premises with us? Can't see that happening at home?
                           Helen got busy taking photos to send to sponsors

      Some great informal chat going on with Cammy, our visiting Scottish student

                                                Cammy in Action!!!!

             Very interesting to share world views from across the world.....

We shared dinner with the girls and continued the chat.....before all too soon, we had to say goodbye.....
Special times!
Thank you to all our Du An sponsors who have so faithfully helped our girls over the years.
We hope this offers a wee insight into life there.

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