Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Autumn Moon Paintings for Auction

Nearly time for Autumn Moon Festival 2014
and time to bring out our old favourite...the story of The Ten Blazing Suns.
Illustrated and told by a wonderful community of people , all wishing to help us to help the girls in Guangxi who needed help to go to school.

This year, we have are giving a special opportunity to purchase the original drawings used for the book.
Some have already gone to loving homes, but we offer here the nine remaining pictures for Auction.
Each picture will begin at £5, and go up in £1 offers. The successful bidder will also receive a copy of the book The Ten Blazing Suns.

Picture 1 - 12 x 8"

Picture 2 - 10 x10"

Picture 3  - 10 x 7"

                                                                 Picture 4

                                                            Picture 5 - 12 x 8"

Picture 6 - 12 x 8"

Picture 7 - 12 x 8"

Picture 8 - 12 x 8"

Picture 9 -12 x 8"

The Photos and Auction will be running on our Facebook Page,

where you can make bids until closing on 
September 8th at 10pm UK time.

If for any reason, you are unable to access FB, you can email to make bids & check progress.

Successful bidders will receive their original painting/drawing plus a copy of the book in the mail.
All proceeds , as always go to make our work possible, changing lives in China.

Happy Bidding.......