Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bubbles & Balls at Nanning SWI, Oct 2010

Excited to be going to meet our Nanning SWI friends again, but popping into Walmart en route to buy some toys for the children...these two troopers are exhausted already!!!!!!

                                      Trollies soon filled up with bright coloured Balls and Bubbles

                                                         Paid for by our helpful helpers

                                                                     And off we go.........
Meeting with Nanning's Grace-Hope Foster Children 
sponsored by Hope4China's wonderful and committed sponsors :-)

Each and every child pictured here has had a less than perfect start in life for so many different reasons
But the one thing they now have in common is 
that special people in China love them
from the Foster families, to Grace- Hope, Hope4China and the whole community around them.
Special people around the world care enough to pay for this foster care provision for them
instead of languishing in an institution where there needs cannot be met!

                                                       Here are the Stars of the Show -
                                   the Foster mamas who take such good care of these children,
                                                           loving them as their own
                                  The proud Foster Mamas and Babas who make it all happen.

                                       Lots of Laughter and Giggles with the Parachute...

                                                    ...and that was just the adults!

                        Good team work with Grace-Hope, Hope4China, Nanning SWI staff

                                 sharing news of Nanning children now adopted in their forever families
but still with special  red threads 
binding them to the special people who cared for them in their early lives

                                       This foster mother giving details of children she has loved,
who are far away with their new families...
and she longs to hear news, see a photo and know that she is well.

                                                         All too soon time to go home.......

                                                  And I was going to say.... "Til next year"
                                                         But it already IS next year!!!!!!!

                                           And the Hope4China team will be there again next week
                                                               to share fun with the children,
parenting skills with the mamas,
and personal education for the teenagers.

If anyone would like to be involved, send photo updates for Foster Mothers 
or donate for toys for the children,
 please contact us

Thank You xxx