Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matthew Made it!!!!!!

Next day, the Auld Alliance team are off again on the final stretch.........

taking in the sights of the French countryside along the way

                                                                     Interested Observers?

                                              Arriving in Paris at last to the French Police Escort

                                               Welcomed by the Scottish Bagpipes

                                                       and celebrating with a Highland fling
                                                        Come on Matthew, get dancing :-)
 Celebrating with a Cheer...
Matthew in true style waving the flag for China AND Scotland!!!!!

                                          "Taking Tea" on the lawn of the British Embassy in Paris :-)

                                                 True Matthew home anywhere!

...with Allan who did a wonderful job of organising the whole event, 
and looking after Matthew when Iain was unable to travel at the last minute. 

                                                                Thanks Allan and Ann!!!!!

 And just to prove they really did make it to Paris
L'Arc de Triomphe
And the Eiffel Tower!

 Rounding off with worship at the Scots Kirk in Paris
with stunning banners made by our lovely ladies in St Margarets Church, Dunfermline
with a special medal for Matthew,

 Team Turtle, 
who made it all the way from China to Scotland...
......and cycled all the way from Zeebrugge to Paris
 to help to change the lives of so many girls in Guangxi who have so little.

These are the last few days to dig deep and make all his efforts worthwhile.
Thank you so much to all who have already donated, sent good wishes, prayers for this event.

If anyone would still like to help, please click here to donate

Xie Xie Ni

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