Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mother's Day

On our last trip it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming to meet mothers in the community, who were struggling to keep, meet the needs of their children born with special needs. 
Their mother love is strong and fierce and they are prepared to do anything to help their children thrive. Some have fought against the odds to "keep" their child against the wishes/advice of family/neighbours, 
but all are poor, tho hardworking......

We have been able to help with accommodation, training at Angel House, therapy equipment and much more.
There are great needs ahead and we hope to be able to continue to work with and support them in their struggles.

If you would like to Celebrate Mother's Day
by giving a Gift in your Mother's name
you can donate here Paypal Button
and we will send you a personalised e-card
to give to your mother as a Mother's Day Gift.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day!
Thank you!

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