Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shopping with the Miao Ladies

Everywhere we went in Rongshui, we met these lovely ladies in their beautiful costumes,
so we just had to have a wee shopping trip to see what we could find.......

               In town , we found this lovely girl running her own business making the Miao outfits...
                           The traditional black/purple/turquoise for the older ladies....
                             and the new Golden/brown for the younger generation.

                             Some of the older ladies were instore to try some new outfits,

We just loved them!
The beautiful coloured headscarves!
Stunning jackets!
Embroidered leggings!

                  Sadly, all of the jackets we tried on were too small for the Western frame :-)
          And I did consider having one made to my size...but it was very expensive!
Then we spied these lovely little numbers....
They are considered to be ladies "undergarments"

and are worn just like this
tied at the back with a ribbon
like a little vest top
                                                   only to be seen under the jacket
 The beautiful embroidery just showing under a jacket is very appealing
and could be worn anywhere with a black jacket/cardigan
one size fitting ALL!
                                             Modelled by the lovely Miss Fu Yi
                                 to very appreciating murmurs from our Miao ladies:-)

                                            even the ones busy with the sewing!

We have brought some home
and they are available for £8 each.
Your very own traditional Miao embroidered piece which can be worn so easily.
First come, first served!

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