Sunday, August 19, 2012

Opportunity to change the world...........

Ever wanted to change the world?
Here is a amazing opportunity!

For years in China for rural communities, it has been considered bad luck to have a child born with special needs. 
Many, many babies have been abandoned because the wider family, community could not accept such a child in their midst.
Slowly perceptions are changing, partly because everything in China is changing, 
partly due to international adoptions showing the worth of girls, 
babies born with varying special needs.

                                  Baby Lin's mother was told by her family to abandon her child!
                                                                    She said NO!

          Thankfully, she heard of Helen and her work with children with special needs and approached her for help
Last year we were able to provide her with an apartment in Nanning 
and a course of therapy at Angel House

Last October when we met with her, she was so full of hope for her daughter, 
as she shared with mothers in the same situation
 and learned that there was hope for her daughter!

This year, from her meagre income, she has found an apartment in Nanning and is desperate for help for more training at Angel House to give her the support she needs 
and for the development little Lin really needs,

                                                               What cost to change a life?
                                                   What cost to change perceptions in China?
                    What cost to help a brave mother with nothing to take a brave stand for her baby?
                                            And the ball has already started rolling with £60...
                                         We need £300 to change a little area of Guangxi forever!
                                             What an amazing Opportunity to make a difference?

If you would like to help to make this difference, you can donate here on the Paypal Donate Button 
mark it for Baby Lin 
and we will get back to you to keep you up to date with photos of her progress.
Xie Xie Ni

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