Thursday, April 12, 2012

Desheng Dinner with the Foster Children

It has been a long and exciting day already for the children, but they sit and wait patiently with their foster mums.
While we wait for the food, time for some formalities...
Gifts from Scotland, 
                                                                        Gifts from Finland
And Gifts for the girls...Miao Embroidered Bags
Time for some sharing of updates from Desheng Children for SWI Staff and Foster families.

                                                  Then it was time for the delicious food!

All was quiet for a little while.......

                                                   ..the children happily enjoying their feast

Time again to check in to see which foster mothers were there and which letters and photos would need to be delivered to those who were no longer working there, or just unable to come to the meal.
It is such a wonderful connection  and the foster mothers and staff value so much seeing how "their" children are doing in their new homes with their new families. There are many tears and smiles.......
Lots of things to translate, discuss and share...busy time!
Some particularly special :-)
                                                       Sonia meets some very special people :-)

                                           Avery has just got a wee shot, and is NOT for letting go:-)

                                                                After dinner, lollipop time!


                                                                       ...for everyone......
                                                               ..even the man at the top!
                                   I think we can definitely assume that Cynthia LOVED her Hoop?
                                             The children off home with their goodies......

Yup, she LOVES that Hoop :-)

And our crazy girls, cooling off after a very hectic, emotional day for them too!

It is always very special to be at Desheng
to share connections from those whose early beginnings were here,
 and as Hope4China to see the wonderful children we support,
being cared for by loving foster families who do so much for them in so many ways,
 thro the Grace-Hope Foster Care Programme.

There were some "very special " moments from this Trip:-)

There are still many, many children still needing sponsors 
to give them this love and support which every child deserves!!!!!!!!!

and see if you could make a difference to a little one waiting.........

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