Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visiting Hope4China Projects

Andrew Gaule who was on business in Shanghai took the opportunity to spend a few days visiting Hope4China projects and met some of his family's sponsored Guangxi girls who are in High School.

The girls were briefed by Matthew before they have to go off and get some small presents for Andrew's daughters. 

'Given some money to go and get presents for themselves one of the girls asked if it would be okay to keep the money to buy food at school as she did not have enough money. It brought a tear to my eyes.' Andrew

Sharing stories and ice creams while trying to teach Andrew Chinese in Nanning Park.

Exploring Nanning Park.

One of the girls much happier behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Andrew visits the Da Mo village in southern Guangxi near the Vietnam border.

The last few miles were on rural and dirt roads. Fortunately it it was not raining.

The girls from Da Mo come out to meet us on the road and in their traditional costumes.

Back to school and lessons for Matthew and Andrew to see the lesson. 
Da Mo does not have a professional fully qualified teacher. The teacher there is Mr Li who is originally from Da Mo. He is partly qualified, and stays because it is so important to him, and it is so difficult to get a fully qualified teacher to come to this remote area with very low pay.

Six new girls who are looking for sponsor support to help with going to school.

Treats and lunch in the village.

Andrew Gaule

It has been wonderful to have one of our sponsors able to visit our projects, see first hand where the money goes, and what a difference it makes! I have just loved seeing the photos :-)
We are very thankful for Andrew's input and ideas for our work!
Anyone else want to come visit?
Just let us know?

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