Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Desheng Darlings, Bubbles, Balls and lots of fun!!!!!!

This was a "BEING" trip.....

so instead of the normal chaos of organising, labelling and packing of gifts, we just got them along the way.....

We found this amazing shop round the corner from the Hechi Hotel, 
and just stopped to pick up gifts for the Desheng Foster Care children 
on our way to visit them at Desheng SWI
Hoops, Balls, Bubbles
                                                    all loaded into our van en route to Desheng!
A warm welcome from the new Director, Mr Ding
and lovely introductions with the 3 Desheng Families visiting from Finland, Scotland, and England
The Three Desheng Girls
                                                              with families, staff and friends
                                                              Lots of chat going on.........
                        en route to the play areas where we would meet all the Foster Children
                                         What did these soul sisters have to say to each other.........
Soon , in all the noise and chaos, we were meeting with Nannies, former nannies, grandchildren

                               Precious Fostered Children thro the Grace and Hope for Children Programme
                                                            Bubbles quickly melt the ice......
                                                                  and soon we have giggles!
                                                                Sonia and Avery sharing the fun!
Sharing everything around......

                                                             Cary is enjoying his Bubbles :-)
Kelly just taking it all in with her lovely foster mama......

We were unable on this trip to take our Music Therapy to all the SWI Children

                so we just brought it out into the play area and shared with all the children we could :-)
                                      The sound of the music and laughter was precious indeed!

                                And  Jayla,  precious soul was just NOT for leaving any time soon!!!!!!

                                                        Sonia.........the life and soul of the party!

                               Others like Jeff here were quite happy just to join in and enjoy the fun!

                                           Sharing updates with former carers and families

                                      Meeting with "old friends" , given special permission to join us:-)
                                                      Cynthia relaxed and happy to see us
                                                   Robert, happy as long as he had a BALL!!!!!!
Brooke and Sam  wandering relaxed in the grounds with their foster families

                                                    Our Cynthia, happy just to "be" with us all
Sonia & Avery laughing in the van as they headed off the to the downtown Desheng Restaurant
 to have lunch with us all

Next stop - DINNER - and boy, were we HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!

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