Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thank you for 2012........

2012 has been a year of great Teamwork and great Achievements!

And as the year draws to a close, we reflect on the wonderful things that we have been able to achieve together............

...and the wonderful people, events that have enabled us to do all of this.

So many people have done so many things
Little & Large
which have made our work possible!

Firstly, our Hope4China'sChildrenTeam in China
Matthew, Lucy and Helen

partnering with  Xiao Xiao and the Team at Grace and Hope for Children to help orphans.

These are the amazing people who do the work day by day throughout the year.

Hundreds of faithful sponsors by their regular giving month by month
make it all possible......

 .........for us to support  around 68 children in Foster care thro Grace and Hope for Children, around 400 girls in Education in our Guangxi Girls Education Programme orphans and several families in the community with children with special needs
by providing therapy, equipment and support.

And to meet extra needs as they arise for any of our children -
either medical help,
furniture for a desperate family,
warm clothes,
music for a blind girl..................

To make this possible friends of Hope4China have :-

Run an incredible series of marathons in the Sahara Desert!
Mia Batty in Marathon des Sables, Morocco.

Children have asked that their Birthday Gifts go to help children in China......

........made cards, sold plants, run stalls

               Ruby Wedding where guests were invited to donate to Hope4China instead of giving gifts

So many Schools where pupils have worked together to raise funds to make a difference for children in China

Buckhaven High School
Canmore Primary School
Mary Russell School
Portree Primary School
Strathaven Academy
Auchmuty High School
Queen Anne High School
Commercial Primary School

We are so proud of them all !!!!

and some of my favourite donors......
The Hope4China Hens!

who lay eggs each week, and the money from the Sales goes to help our children!!!!!!!

Sponsors have run Fairs, Stalls at so many events selling goods for Hope4China

and many faithful friends who share our work on Facebook

and respond to requests for help for individuals in need.

We also have made connections with 
The Woman's Rural Institute.
Henley Business School EBusiness Alumni Group
who are supporting our work.

We are indebted to individuals and organisations, named and anonymous, 
who have helped fund our salaries, office costs, etc in China

Prentice Events
Rotary, Dunfermline
Community Roots, China.
 Two Hearts China

And I haven't even begun to mention the great team of people here who work behind the scenes every day to do the accounts, send the reports, share the news and photos, communicate with sponsors....
but you KNOW who you are!

Without you ALL, 
this work could not be done....
these lives would not be changed.......

We are OVERWHELMED  by your support and kindness 
and we look forward to working and sharing with you all in 2013.

Happy New Year!

With all best wishes for Love, Joy and Happiness in 2013!!

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