Thursday, December 27, 2012

Warmth and Love in Action in Da Mo!

It is always an awesome journey down that road to Da Mo.....
..........but always worth it for the wonderful welcome waiting below!
EMA Eagle Mount Adventures ( Claire and John from the UK, living in Nanning)
come each year to share the Christmas story
The kids LOVE them
and it is so fantastic that they share the story with the kids in Chinese.
There is such an air of joy, happiness and excitement when they are there....
...and all so eager to help!

Santa has arrived!

                                                        As the girls carry all the gifts in..........
                                                            ...the boys  watch :-))))))))

                                         Bubbles never fail to make children smile:-)
                                                              Someone needs to be warm?
                                        So many have no warm jackets, no proper shoes............

This lady has SIX children!
Five girls.....
....and then a BOY!
Her other daughter is 16 and married!!!!!!

This is very common for the Da Mo girls and why we are so proud of the first ever girls to get to High School, thanks to their sponsors in Guangxi Girls and the support our staff have been able to give to them thro their hard times!

                                                                         Bubbles & Balloons
                                                             Some Christmas Songs
                                                         And the telling of the Christmas Story
                                                           Precious words for little ears
                                              And Hats to keep precious ears warm!

                                 Jackets, Hats & Scarves from Shanghai, Community Roots, China
                                                                      Gift Bags made by
                                              Lots and lots of goodies to share for everyone!
                                                       Our Middle School girls collecting their goodies!
                                 Helen handing out Christmas cards to the girls from their Sponsors!
                              While conditions have been improving slightly in Da Mo over the years......
..there are still too many families living in these wooden houses which are so unsafe, 
and provide little protection in the cold weather
And it looks like we have some new Da Molla to add to our collection.
The women of this village make these Miao costumes by hand to sell to try and improve their living conditions. We sell for them £25 /$40 and all of the proceeds go back to help the women!
You can contact us at if you would like to buy a doll and help support Da Mo families
         Ending with some cheery shouts from the Da Mo Children!
Happy Christmas!
And Thank You for helping us to be a little bit warmer!

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