Friday, November 30, 2012

A wee bit of Scotland in Nanning - MacMatthew

A Day to remember our special links between Scotland and China
with our
Nanning Girls!!!!!!

Heading to the Hope4China Office where we would meet all the girls who had now moved to highter education in the city.

When we first met these lovely girls they were Yizhou girls!

Friends there, and now studying together in Nanning

 Sisters who have been with us for so now working and doing really well.
She still wants to come back to see us!
 Before the fun begins, Lucy is making sure they all do their homework 
- sharing news about themselves with their sponsors.

                                            Now it was time to head to the Park across the road!

                                I love how everyone "mucks in" to get the work done!
                                 Assembled together under the "Wise Tree" - I LOVE IT!
                                         For a wee chat with Matthew & Lucy

                     And then a quick change as  Matthew appears in his new Scottish attire :-)
He loves his Scottish connections and was keen to have a kilt of his own. 
Our friend, Keith managed to find him one- 
so we now have a very proud MacMatthew

              The later arrivals, completing their homework before the fun! Lucy is a tough cookie!

Party Time as girls came out to sing a song, share news, give insights....wonderful to share what is going on their lives and how much hope they have for the future!

                              Lucy, still working, making sure she has photos for each sponsor

                                      Some had other things on their mind..........

A reminder from MacMatthew about the support from sponsors and responsibilities of the students to do their very best.
Then the fees are paid out to each student who has signed & completed their "homework"

This money does not cover all the girls needs, 
but goes someway to helping, giving them support and hope!
Thank you to all who give so they can have this chance.
I know it will be paid back in a hundred different ways in their families, communities and society in general

                                                          Clearly exhausting work!
                                            Letters for the girls from their sponsors
Truly I know that they are more excited to receive these than the support fees!!!!!
Please, sponsors, remember to write to your girls? Even if they do not have the confidence to write back, the LOVE to see and hear from you!

We bought a scarf for each girl as a Gift from their sponsors- thank to all who contributed for them!
              The girls loved them & had great fun arranging them in all sorts of cool ways.......

These are some of our girls who have left and are now working...
but they love to come back and meet with their Guangxi Girl friends!

Soon it was time for the girls to go...with a few coming back to the office to collect sponsor letters & record some wee messages for them

And soon, our lovely Fang who has no use of her legs,
was scooting away in style to continue her studies!

These girls will change the world!
Thank you for making this possible!!!

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