Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Someone Special Needed!!!!!!

Everyone needs someone special.........

                            One of the girls we met this trip is very poor!

                                              But we meet many, many poor girls..........

                                                    She is an orphan!!!

                                                Sadly, we meet many orphans.............

                                                 She has no sponsor!!!!!

                                     Unfortunately many of our girls have no sponsors...............

  It is hard to find the words to explain why this girl urgently needs someone special in her life

But we will try........

When we meet with the girls here we always have a lot of fun - it is one of our first groups going back to 2005- they are "old friends"! But in recent years this little one has become more withdrawn, until this trip when we noticed that she was standing on her own, always separate. As we could not communicate in Chinese, we asked the Women's Association leaders who were with us, to have a gentle word......She told them she had an upset stomach.
It seemed to us that it was much more than an upset stomach, so we went to speak with her with Matthew.
                                          She sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed
                                           til our hearts almost broke with her!

Even after we spoke with her, tried to comfort her, she left broken hearted........
We passed her later in our Van and stopped to ask if she would like to come eat with us 
- the tears were still streaming down her face.
Her emotional pain is causing her physical pain.

A public blog is NOT the place to share anyone's heartache,
so I can only say here that she needs our help.

         She needs a sponsor!
   But she needs a Special Sponsor!!!!

Of course I know that ALL our sponsors are special :-),
 and together change the lives and families of our Guangxi Girls.
What could we do without you?

But this is a job for someone who can spend some extra time just communicating with their girl, 
cards, photos, letters, small gifts, qq...
anything that brings you together and makes a girl feel Special.

Are you that Special Sponsor?

We told her that she is now part of our family and that she is special to us. 
Matthew is her new dad and Lucy is her big sister
Does that make us Aunties?
She struggles to fit in with the girls here because she says it is too painful.

It is her Birthday in December and she has asked Matthew and Lucy to travel for her Birthday.
We want to make this a Special celebration for her.

My lovely RMPS class today, 
on hearing about this are collecting money for Matthew to buy her a Birthday Cake 
and we will work on sending photos and messages from Scottish teenagers to her in China.
Lucy called her today to ask if there was anything she would REALLY like?
She asked if she could have a Big Teddy to cuddle :-)

We cannot change her circumstances, but we can make a difference?

So, many have asked how to help?

You could be that Special Sponsor (£120/$190) a year.
You can donate for Gifts for her Birthday.
You could send a Birthday Card?

And you can share the needs of so many other precious girls just like her thro our work


Thank you for caring!

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