Friday, January 20, 2012

New Hope for the New Year of the Dragon 2012

The Year of the Dragon is one that brings Happiness and good Fortune.
It is one of the most positive and strongest of all the 12 Signs.
 It is considered a favourable year for new ventures......

We move into the New Year of the Dragon with great Hope for our special children, 
and the mothers fighting against the odds to keep and help their children with special needs.

Helen has been working hard visiting the mothers fostering our New Hope children,

bringing them extra support,

encouraging them in the therapy which is so hard to do, but so beneficial for the children,

 providing pampers nappies so that the children can remain dry and comfortable for longer.

And with your help we can provide a small subsidy for the mothers who work above and beyond,
 24/7 for these children

provide specialist chairs and equipment to help make their life just a little easier

Warm clothes to help keep inactive kids cosy in the chilly winter months

Aren't these smiles just precious?
               Our Linda, here with her new foster family, settling in well and with her new cozy clothes!

We also have 4 new families who need our help to be able to keep their children with Cerebral Palsy in their own homes and have the means to help them and have hope for the future.

                                             In this New Year of the Dragon, we need :-

  • £50 a month to help provide Pampers nappies for all the children-so anyone could sponsor one month.
  • £10 a month for each foster mother to provide a Subsidy to help encourage foster mothers in their demanding role- anyone can sponsor just one month for one mother and help to make this possible.
If you can help us to do this, you can make a donation on the Donate Paypal Button 
and mark it for Nappies or  Subsidy. 

Every little helps to make a difference for these children!

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Xie Xie Ni 


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