Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Medicines for Orphanages

                                                 Babies in orphanages in China need our help!

Nannies do their best to care for rooms full of babies with very limited supplies and medicines. But with the best will in the world, babies are left with sore bottoms from dirty nappies which cannot be changed on demand. When Grace-Hope staff take the donated meds to orphanages, they are all delighted to have Sudocrem which really works to keep these little bots clean and free from sores and rash!

                Medicines which can make a big difference to the care these babies receive are:-
 pain relief for babies/olderchildren, 
Sudocrem medicated nappy cream), 
liquid vitamins for babies, 
meds for diarrohea, 
ear infections,
 colds& coughs......

           I will be able to fill my suitcase this trip as it is short and I am not taking the usual gifts etc for the girls
 Xiao Xiao will be able to translate all the dosage instructions so they can be safely used to help the babies and children in the orphanages

We all know how heartbreaking it is to watch our children when they are ill, and how we take for granted instant medication to bring down fever, relieve pain, congestion etc......

Please help us to make this possible for the most vulnerable who do not have that comfort.

                                                            If you would like to help......

                                 You could buy a few extras on your shopping trips and pop them into me at home, or church, or school
You could have a collection at your own church, workplace
      or you can donate on the Paypal button & mark it for Medicines
                   and I can buy what we still need before I go.....................

Thank you so much for any help to change these little lives.

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