Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nappy Challenge for Warm Bots!

I don't think we can imagine much worse?
Cold wet and sore bottoms on top of many other problems and hardships.......

We are taking lots of Sudocrem on our trip in February along with other meds for babies and children in orphanages. 

But we also need to raise funds for Pampers ( or other high quality nappies) to help keep the older children dry. Their Foster mothers already do a wonderful job  of providing 24/7 love, support and care for these precious children. They value the Pampers Nappies you provide so much that they try to make them last longer by inserting the cheaper versions inside to be removed when dirty , lengthening the life of the Pampers to keep their children dry!

We have funds for Nappies for      :-
                    January- Christmas Donations
February- Anne
March - Anne
April - Anne
May- Jean
June- Gill
July - Lee, Goggs and Iain
August- Sharyn & Amy

September - Mary Russell School
October - Alison
November- Vince, Lesley & Dalry Primary School
December - Desheng Families

Thank you ALL so much!!!!!!!
We did it!!!!!!!!

We are contacting Pampers in China to see if they can help, 
and Pampers giving here in the UK to make our money go as far as possible.
Any size contributions are wonderful to make up the £50 for each month.

                                           Helen making our purchases and delivery China style!

 Our children and foster mothers going home delighted with their Pampers!!

Happy Customers :-)

Thank you so much!

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