Sunday, December 04, 2011

Warm Winter Mission for Guangxi Girls 2011

As we know Winter is here........
and for many of our Guangxi Girls, it is a difficult time!
Matthew has just been saying how COLD it is in Nanning!!!
In the villages, many homes provide little shelter and there is no such thing as Central heating!

Many of our girls write of hardship in the cold and damp of winter....
and every second year we like to organise our Warm Winter Mission
 to send our love and some warmth to them at this time.

This year, Community Roots in Shanghai 
have wonderfully raised funds for, 
and personally packed a bag for each of our girls!!!!!

                                                   Thank you so much to you all!!!!!!

               We have arranged for a Christmas card printed from our very own Wuming's Artwork,
                                                 to be delivered to each girl from their own sponsor!

We are asking Sponsors if they would like to donate 
to help raise the funds needed to travel to each location
 and hand deliver the Gift Bags 
along with Warm Christmas Wishes 
from so many all around the world.

       We will also use donations from the Christmas Gift Cards.
       We cannot do it without your Donations!
                                                                 It really does take a Village!
                                         Together Everyone Achieves More :-)
                                                                        Thanks to all

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