Thursday, December 08, 2011

Santa is already on his way...........

Winter is here...and Santa Matthew is on his way..........

                        delivering the Gift bags lovingly prepared by Shanghai Community Roots

                                                       containing warm clothes and gifts
                                             and Christmas cards with messages of Love and Hope
                                                           from sponsors around the world          

                                  Some of the circumstances our girls live in are so difficult,
                 and this small message of love, Hope and practical help means so much to them.

                                    The Christmas cards are designed by our own Wuming, 
                                         who will be so proud to see her Art work in print.

                                (These cards are also available to buy - )

We are asking Sponsors if they would like to donate 
to help raise the funds needed to travel to each location
 and hand deliver the Gift Bags 
along with Warm Christmas Wishes 
from so many all around the world.

We need funds to cover staff travel costs to go and meet each girl, check how they are doing and deliver the Special Gifts

Thank you all xxx

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