Friday, December 09, 2011

Da Molla

One of the highlights of this year's trip was once again walking down that hill, 
in the silence broken only by the cicadas and rounding on the stunning panorama that is Da Mo Village.
This time as we approached we could hear excited laughter and giggles carried on the breeze, 
long before we could see anyone.....
..then there they were!!!!!!!

The beautiful Da Mo girls running from their homes to meet us halfway,
dressed in their beautiful Miao costumes, in our honour!

 Excited to meet their old friends, 
Uncle Xu and Claire of EagleMount Camps who is a Beloved Mama to them, 
                                                 and a new friend, all the way from Scotland!

                                                    How sweet to hear them singing.....
                  How amazing to see their wonderful handwork in the Doll's unique Miao costumes.....

                             sharing photos of their dolls with their new owners around the world......
 and seeing the place where the costumes come to life under the  skilled fingers of the Da Mo women
                                          Here are some of the dolls in their "natural habitat"
before being packed up and shipped to Scotland, Finland, Spain and the USA
to meet their new families

                                                      Meet Da Molla, Da Mu and Da Li
                                                                who now live in Finland.

They were named by the lovely Linnea, 
with a play on the Finnish words for these soft dolls, MOLLA

I Love Da Molla...
....what a beautiful name :-)

                                                     I love both of these precious dolls
                                                Maragda( Emerald)  ...who lives in Catalonia
                                                                      with Monica Li

                                                 There are many more in homes around the world
We plan to make a book of photos of the dolls in their new homes to take back to Da Mo next year :-)
                                          So if you have a special Da Molla, please send us photos!!!!!

Many  more Da Molla's 
are looking for a home for Christmas!

                                                        Once again a Win/Win Gift

                                         A Special Doll for our girls with roots in ethnic groups in Guangxi
               with all of the profit going back to desperately poor Da Mo women to help them set up a business and earn their own money with their traditional skills.

The dolls cost £25/28Euros/$40 plus shipping
with ALL the profit going back to the women.

Contact  to order. 

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