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New Guangxi Girls needing help

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3 of the 7 girl's stories we received this week.

I was born on Aug. of 1997, studying on Grade Four in Yizhou NO.4 Primary School.
There are three people in my family,my mother,stepfather and I. My mother was sold to another place when she was young. After I was born, my mother ran back to Yizhou. And then she married with my step father. They rent a simple house in Qingyuan town,do some labor work and reclaim recoverable garbage to live on. But when I was six years old, my mother had a traffic accident,her leg was cut and had something wrong with her mind. The whole family depends on my father but he suffers in cerebral hemorrhage, he cannot take care of himself. Now we cannot pay our house rent, some kind person paid for us. If not we will be homeless. My clothes come from neighbor sisters old clothes. Now my parents cannot work, my life is very difficult so I hope some one can help me.
Note: this child was recommended by Yizhou Womens Federation they hope we can help her and her family. They said she is so late to study because of their poor life.

1.(妇女联合会) the Women's Federation
 My name is Tan , was born on Nov.11 of 1996, studying on Grade Seven in Chengguan Middle School.
My father died after I was born eight days, and then my mother remarried. I only have my old grandparents, aunt & uncle who in a poor health. My aunt suffers in a high blood pressure, and need to take medicine. My uncle just takes some simple work at home. My grandparents are too old to work. My aunt supports the whole family. And now I am a middle school student and spend much money in my food expenses. Although I live in orphanage, it still has difficult for me, because our orphanage has an economic hardship, we have more than twenty students in middle school, it will spend fifty yuan for food expenses one week for each person. It is a lot of payment for orphanage. In next term, we will have more than forty persons study at middle school. It will make our orphanage into the trouble.
We visit her orphanage in July 16 of 2011, Tan  said, her mother remarried and had a daughter, so her mother cannot give her little food expenses. Her uncle had two children, so they also in a poor life, and cannot help her.
Her teachers who is in orphanage said that, because of the orphanage has trouble in economic, so they had asked for help from Pinggou local government, but had no messages, so the orphanage cannot pay for students others fee at school except their food expenses. So they hope we can help Tan. 

My name is Huang , was born on Oct. 11 of 1998 studying on Grade Seven in this Step of 2011.
I live in Tongren village, I am twelve years old. My mother died many years ago, because of our poor life, my father went out to work and save each penny for us, when he was sick, he didn’t go to see doctor. Last year, he was ill and then sent to hospital, but cannot cure him, and then he died. My grandmother is seventy years old and in poor health lives with us. But we have no income so live with my uncle’s family. We live in a poor life.
I work very hard at school. I have a dream, I hope I can earn much money in the future and I can build a building for my grandmother. So I hope you can help me.
We visited her house in July 20 of 2011. They live in a broken and old house.     
Her grandfather told us: her mother died many years ago, so her brother gave up his study and went out to work for our poor life. He had a low income and cannot send money back to us. Last year her father went back home from Hainan, and then got a pneumonia, died after one month. I am too old to work, just stay at home to do homework. And her uncle helps them to do their farm work.

Can you help make a difference?
£6/£10 a month...........
Please contact us at

Those who help our girls always say that they receive so much more than they give, knowing that every penny goes direct to the girls and their families, sharing photographs and letters, building meaningful links with families in China and just knowing that together we can make a difference!

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