Monday, July 18, 2011

Early Intervention........New Hope.......Wonderful Opportunity to give back...

New Hope for Special Children exists to enhance the life of children born in China with special needs of varying kinds. One of our aims is also to show families around that it is possible to be able to keep a child born with such needs, for that child to grow and be loved in his/her own home and reach their fullest potential with help and support provided.

Helen works with children from Grace-Hope Foster care programmes to provide training & therapy, love, support and encouragement to foster families and children with profound additional needs.
These children have been abandoned by parents who have perhaps been overwhelmed by the needs, lack of money to deal with them, lack of support from family members where there is still stigma attached to such needs...........
We are stepping into the breach to show how these children can be loved, cared for and encouraged to reach their full potential with the right support.

Only this week Helen sent this video clip of parents of our New Hope children in the Grace-Hope Foster Care programme, which was shown on national TV in China. This is showing parents in society that help is out there, and encourages them to believe that they too can help their child with special needs.

The work done by the staff in Angel house is
( and deserves a page all of its own - later!)

BUT this week we have been given the opportunity to
 "put our money where our mouths are" 
with the news that a young Jingxi  mother of 10month old twins,
 one with cerebral palsy, 
has been abandoned by her husband and in-laws 
and has lost her job because she needs to care full time for her baby. 


                                                Because she is determined to keep her baby!!!!!!!

     She does not have the means to provide the treatment necessary, but desperately wants to help her child.

Grace-Hope in conjunction with Angel House have put together an emergency package which will help the baby over 3 months at a cost of £700/$1200 in total. After this period monthly visits to Nanning should be enough for mother and baby to thrive.
This is the first time we have gone out on a limb and promised hope and treatment without having the necessary funds, but just feel that it is so important to meet with this mother at her point of need, before she and her child become another sad statistic........
She is already hopeful and greatly encouraged by the support she has been shown, and we pray that with financial support this can continue........

A Grace-Hope donor has already provided money for special formula to build up the little one, 

We have already raised £458/$749......thanks to all who have donated!

 All we need now is around £242/$395!!!!!

This is the difference between this courageous mother having hope that she can keep and provide for her baby,
or that baby becoming one more precious soul growing up wondering WHY?

I know that within the adoption community this will be a situation close to our hearts, and I know that we will be able to find the money to help this mother and child.

Please if you are able to help in any way, little or large, you can go to Grace-Hope Website; click on


                          Then click on the link for Jamie's CP Rehabilitation Fund on the right hand side.

                  If you are in the UK, you can click on the Paypal Donate Button on

or send a cheque to 
38 Garvock Hill
KY12 7UU

I know we can do it!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to share wherever you think families might help.
It does take a village.............

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