Sunday, August 28, 2011

Haggis & Noodles

The idea for Haggis & Noodles came from Matthew's trip here last year when , for some strange reason , we found ourselves trying to eat haggis with chopsticks?????? 
Since then, the wonderful fusion we share in our lives with things Scottish and Chinese has just continued to evolve.
When we knew Matthew was coming home in August for the Cycle Trip to Paris in aid of Guangxi Girls, the idea just continued to evolve........

Time to get this party started...with some help from our littlest one!

The real work was going on in the kitchen with hundreds of tatties and neeps all peeled ready for the meal

       An amazing team in St Margaret's Church worked for 2 days to have everything ready
                                                     Then the final preparations on the tables
                                                            with Orchids and Heather
                                                                   Chinese Flags

                                                           Tartan napkins( expertly folded)
                                                                      Scottish Flags
                                                     Knives and forks....and Chopsticks

                                                            Irn Bru and Caramel Wafers
Kilts and Sporrans
Tartan Qipaos ( thank you Granny Liz)

And finally friends gathered together to share in the fun!

                                                               and Haggis & Neeps

                                              A Special Thank you to our Team in the kitchen
                                                            Let the dancing begin.........
                                                            Beautiful Scottish song from Alison

Roy's Wonderful Ceilidh Band

Chinese Singing - Mo Li Hua

                                                                   Tai Chi with the amazing Lucy

Finishing, of course, with the old favourite, Auld Lang Syne

In all, a wonderful Team Effort, celebrating the fusion of two wonderful cultures
while at the same time raising around £700 so far to help girls in Guangxi.

Another Win/Win Situation?
I do love them!!!!!!!!!!
Special Thanks to all who came, donated, worked, inspired..........we couldn't do it without you all xxx


Anonymous said...

Linda, love, love the pictures and especially love the videos!! What beautiful voices. Chelsey sings Mo Li Hua at school and she came running into the room when she heard it. I have hit replay dozens of times and she sings along with you--precious!! Matthew looked quite stunning in his kilt. I think he could raise extra $$ if he wore the kilt while pedaling to Paris! :-) Thank you so much for posting the photos and videos for all of us to enjoy! Love, Sonya

Linda G said...

Thank you Sonya!!!!!!!!!Glad you liked it!
It is funny to think of Chelsey singing along with us :-)
We sing it every time I am in China with our Guangxi girls...maybe we will sing it together one day in Chongzhou????
Thanks for all your love and support for the girls are a wonderful part of the team xxxxx